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  • Sajin P Asokan

    2D Artist | Trivandrum

    Exp: 5 Years
    Skills: Background Artist, Storyboarding, Character Design

    I'm a digital artist, having worked in both gaming and comics industry. Besides games and comics, I have worked on a few illustrated storybooks as well.


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  • Ravi Kamal

    Art Director | New Delhi

    Exp: 12 Years
    Skills: Motion Graphics, Compositing

    I am a professional 3D artist specialized in architecture and industrial design.


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  • Saharukh Mollah

    Mobile Game Designer | Kolkata

    Exp: 2 Years
    Skills: Design, Background Painting, Animation, Export, Editing

    Experience in dealing with creative aspects of Animation & Multimedia, Fine Arts, and 3D & 2D Game Designing and Documentation.


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  • Ajay kant Goyal

    3D- Artist-Animation | Ahmedabad

    Exp: 3 Years
    Skills: Concept Artist, Compositor, Motion Graphic, Characters Design

    I am 3d artist.I create 3d characters and environments for games and production.


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  • Neeraj

    2D and 3D Animator | Gurgaon

    Exp: 3 Years
    Skills: Animation

    To work for a required organization where I could serve it, with the best of my skill and ability, and contribute to its growth and to acquire skill, which could make me, prosper in the future.


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  • Vimal Raj

    Motion Graphics - Visual Effects - Tracking Artist | Coimbatore

    Exp: 3 Years
    Skills: VFX Artist

    I'm Vimal living in Chennai - Tamilnadu. By birth, I love to be unique. In my childhood days, I use to go to holly wood movies often. I planned to produce a film with the help of my brother's bank balance.


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  • Abhay

    Art Director |

    Exp: 8 Years
    Skills: Concept Artist, Motion Graphic, Background Artist, Characters Design

    This is Abhay from Meerut. We make animated 2D,3d, Flash animation, cd/dvd work, photoshop colouring, sketching, pre production, story boarding, children book illustration, comics illustration. and now I want to get touch with u.


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  • Debayan Ghosh

    Creative Product Designer | Bangalore

    Exp: 3 Years
    Skills: Motion Graphic, Coordinating, Client Facing

    Game artist, specific to aesthetic and visually sound game designing. Digital painter and Illustrator. Creating a bridge between music , art and life. I believe in creating picture worth a thousand words


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  • Mohammed Zahir

    3D Artist | New Delhi

    Exp: 4 Years
    Skills: Background Artist, Motion Graphics

    I am a 3D Artist with a background in architecture, interactive design And seeking an opportunity to work in a creative environment where my unique combination of skills and work experience can add value to an organization


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  • Praveen Kumar

    3D Artist | Chennai

    Exp: 2 Years
    Skills: 3D Animation, Character Animation, Concept Artist

    Desire to, work in a challenging atmosphere to expose my creativity and develop my competency in the field. Thereby accomplish both the organization and the personal goals.


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  • Kaushal Dave

    Rotoscoping Artist |

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Character Design, Design, Color Styling


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  • Akshay Panchal

    Senior Visualiser | Vadodara

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Character Design, Voice recording, Animatic, Design, Animation


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  • Deepa Mehta

    Graphic Designer | Mumbai

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

  • Shruti Sharma

    Creative Visualizer | New Delhi

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

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