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  • Ashish Chawla

    Commercial Photographer | New Delhi

    Exp: 15 Years
    Skills: Fashion, Advertising, Covers, Commercial, Freelance

    Ashish was born in New Delhi, which is a veritable melting pot of cultures. Where every street is a home to a dozen languages, where garments and cuisines change at every turn, and where Mughal domes peacefully co-exist with modern skyscrapers. He discovered his artistic penchant early and picked up the electric guitar, eventually forming his own rock band called Zephyr by the time he was 17. Then, he discovered a world where the language of expression was not verbal music but visual music, and he spent his formative years pursuing fine arts in the College of Art, Delhi.


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  • capil verma

    Photography | Mumbai

    Exp: 5 Years
    Skills: Wildlife, Advertising, Beauty, Covers, Commercial


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  • Sanjay Das

    Photography | New Delhi

    Exp: 12 Years
    Skills: Exhibition, Calendar, Advertising, Beauty

    Sanjay brings a level of experience and passion, along with his endeavor to portray the soul of India, depicting the lyrical quality of life.


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  • Sathish kumar

    assistant cameraman and freelance photographer | Chennai

    Exp: 1 Years
    Skills: Wildlife, Advertising, Potraits, Freelance, Digital Marketing

    Hello buddies, this is Sathish from chennai. I completed my cinematography course in loyola college chennai. Now I'm working assistant cameraman in tamil film industry and freelance cinematographer/photographer. I've good knowledge and experience in handling all movie and DSLR cameras. Now I'm looking for chance to explore my cinematography/photography talent in Film/TV/AD & Media industry


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  • Pravesh Verma

    media photographer | Lucknow

    Exp: 1 Years
    Skills: Fashion, Advertising, Potraits, Commercial, Freelance

    Confident and creative


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  • Sameer Singh

    Freelance Photographer | Mumbai

    Exp: 4 Years
    Skills: Advertising


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  • Rajesh Kumar

    Photographer | New Delhi

    Exp: 8 Years
    Skills: Fashion, Calendar, Advertising, Potraits, Beauty


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  • Jayaprakash

    Video editor | Bangalore

    Exp: 1 Years
    Skills: Wildlife, Industrial, Advertising, Beauty, Commercial


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  • Deepa Mehta

    Graphic Designer | Mumbai

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

  • Shruti Sharma

    Creative Visualizer | New Delhi

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

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