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Tejashree Amonkar

Posted on : 29/09/2017 12:00pm
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The granddaughter of the legendary Kishori Amonkar performed at the Prithvi Theatre Festival


The obvious question: what does being a legend’s granddaughter mean as a vocalist?

I don’t think I am different when I am in the classroom with her. I am her student. But audiences perceive me very differently.


How do you cope?

I learnt to look at it as an inspiring boost—they have set their standards very high for me.


Now that you have started performing solo, how do you view yourself?

I consider myself as a beginner; I am still learning and exploring.


Do you believe in fusion, or are you puritanical?

I like anything that is aesthetic; I wouldn’t turn my back to anything. But if two things don’t go can’t have Idli with

soya sauce.


Do you like any particular music?

I listen to everything that is not noise.


There is anxiety that the young aren’t interested in classical music.

But I see lot of youngsters at my grandmother’s programmes.


Is it harder for the young because it needs time and patience to understand classical music?

That’s a misconception. We don’t expect the audience to know, just allow yourself to be affected by the music.

It’s absolutely fantastic. Why not integrate?Performing at a theatre festival, do you enjoy this integration of the performing arts?


How different is it to perform without microphones/speakers etc?

Indian classical music wasn’t meant for a big ground. We need more opportunities like these to perform without microphones.


Do you get involved in the socio-political issues of the day?


I keep myself away from everything that’s not music.


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