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Times Theatre Festival - Dreamz Saher

Times Theatre Festival - Dreamz Saher

15/10/2017 - 15/10/2017

7:00 PM

Entry By: Tickets

Posted in: Visual & Performing Arts
Creative Areas: Visual Art, Theatre, Group Performance
Creative Skills: Drama, Comedy

Jyoti Nivas College: Bengaluru


80 2550 2143

Contact Person:

Jyoti Nivas College

More About Times Theatre Festival - Dreamz Saher :

Dreams are a figment of our imagination that makes us question the real from the created. Professor Saheb arrives in a quaint town of Kasauli for a quiet weekend, when he is pulled in by the mysterious sister in search and as he tries to help, he is engulfed into a dream or a shocking reality leading to many questions we dream in the nasha of Nisha and are awakened by the reality of Seher. Dreamz-Saher is the first play of the Dreamz series, which will explore the blurred zone between dreams and reality that sometimes leaves a deep yet inexplicable impact on one's life. And it's quite literally so. At the end of the 45-minute long play, the audience is left a little stumped, suspended in a vaccum, not quite knowing if the play has really ended. Dreamz-Saher revolves around Professor Sanjay Mishra, played by Kapur, who goes to Kasauli for a holiday and encounters a strange woman, Saher (Supriya Pathak Kapur). Saher is looking for her sister Nisha, and drawn to her by some strange attraction, Mishra also joins her search. A decidedly odd character who draws in Mishra and pushes him away in turns, Saher is the quintessential mystery woman. Mishra falls for her only to be deserted by her after a night together. And that's where the play ends. Both Mishra and the audience are left baffled by Saher's last note.

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